Why Can't Public Health Officials Follow the Science?

October 2021

The arrival around the world of the CCP Wuhan virus has provided the excuse for the suspension of civil rights and liberties by North American politicians who claim authorization from “public health” bureaucrats. No longer are citizens in charge of their lives; henceforth, “public health” bureaucrats are in charge, backed by the coercive power of the state.

If the loss of individual autonomy and freedom was not sufficient, it turns out that the “public health” officials have been incapable of protecting public health, largely because they refused to “follow the science.” Part of this inability was due to the fact that they could not hold more than one thought in their minds at any time.

First of all, “science” is not computer projections of imaginary developments. The projections of dire results cited by “public health” bureaucrats proved to be hysterical and untrustworthy. Yet restrictions based on such projections became public policy.

Second, it was known early on that the virus was not equally a risk to everyone. The elderly and people with comorbidities were more vulnerable than others, whereas young healthy adults were unlikely to become gravely ill or die, and children were much less likely to get seriously ill or pass on the virus. This was all ignored, as in many jurisdictions people in nursing homes were systematically exposed to the virus, and died in droves.

At the same time, healthy people were forced into extended lockdowns and children blocked from going to school. In many places, people were forbidden to go outside. Restaurants, bars, gyms, and stores were shut down. Evidence from tracking of places of infection showed that most people got Covid at home; the percentage of people infected in restaurants when they were briefly open was miniscule. Nor was there any significant transmission in schools. The chance of catching the virus in the open air was vanishingly small. Obesity was a risk factor, but gyms were shut down.

Likewise, everyone has been required to wear a mask, although the scientific evidence from controlled clinical studies show that even surgical masks provide nugatory protection from the virus for the wearer and for others. The paper and cloth masks that 99% of the population wear are entirely useless, except for blocking oxygen and collecting germs. Scientists reporting these findings were censored and sanctioned, as recently happened at Stanford. Yet across Canada, masks are mandated. This is ritualistic fetishism, superstition rather than science.

In short, instead of protecting the vulnerable, “public health” bureaucrats imposed draconian restrictions on everyone. Well, not quite everyone. According to a thousand American “public health” officials in a publicized signed document, gathering outdoors was dangerous, unless it was for a massive Black Lives Matter riot, because, they claimed, “systemic racism” was a “public health crisis.”

Third, “public health” officials said that draconian measures were required because there could not be a vaccine for two or probably three years. But once the vaccine arrived, “public health” officials decided it was the magic bullet, and that everyone had to have it (except for Congress and the Federal Court System). Those who were not vaccinated were deemed to be a great threat to the vaccinated. Why? If the vaccines were as effective as the “public health” officials claimed, the unvaccinated could not be a threat to them. If the vaccines were not as effective as they claimed, why demand that everyone get them?

Serious negative effects, including disability and death, from the vaccine itself were ignored by “public health” officials or whitewashed as “rare.” It might even be fair to say “covered up.”

“Public health” officials failed not only logic but science once again. They were apparently incapable of holding two thoughts in their minds: “vaccines” and “natural immunity.” The scientific evidence from Israel and elsewhere shows natural immunity to be much stronger, one finding being 27 times more resistant to the virus, and longer lasting than protection from the vaccines. Millions who have natural immunity are being forced to take the vaccine due to government mandates that require vaccines for work and entry into public places. That those with natural immunity may be more at risk of serious side effects from vaccines is ignored by “public health” officials.

If anyone is more simple minded than “public health” bureaucrats, it is university administrators. Dealing with young and healthy student populations, they impose a vaccine requirement, totally ignoring natural immunity, and ignoring the known dangerous side effects to young males. Some professors object to this one size fits all approach, which arguably violates principles of informed consent, diversity, and charter rights. Then administrations impose lunatic mandates for masks, even outdoors, even while students are engaging in sports. These people are raving mad.

Fourth, “public health” bureaucrats cannot hold “vaccines” and “treatments” in their minds at the same time. Treatments for the virus have been unrecognized, publicly disparaged, and officially banned by “public health” officials. Doctors who have had success treating their patients with various well-known and safe medications, and with specific vitamins and other supplements, are ridiculed by “public health” bureaucrats, and banned by the media and social platforms, in collusion with the Federal Government, from informing the public. One wonders, cui bono?

Fifth, nor were “public health” officials able to think of any of the deleterious consequences of their fear mongering about the virus (the death rate for all but the elderly being the same as or less than the flu) or their iron fisted lockdowns: the loss of education for millions of children, the jump in familial abuse, drug overdose deaths, and suicides, and the lack of needed treatments for cancer, heart disease, and other serious ailments by those hiding away from the dread virus and afraid to go to the hospital.

Our great “public health” agencies, such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have spent almost nothing of their vast budgets studying either covid vaccines or treatments. That is why we have to rely on research from Israel, Taiwan, Sweden, India, Japan, and elsewhere to find scientific evidence about dealing effectively with the virus. Not that “public health” bureaucrats are looking for that scientific evidence; they have already made up their minds.

The concerns raised here are not solely in the minds of grumpy anthropologists. Here is an open letter, with full references from BC medical professionals, to BC authorities that raises many of the same questions.

Will you ever again believe what “public health” officials say? I won’t.