Senator Linda Frum In Maclean's, November 22, 2010 With A Commentary

January 2011

Q: When you wrote this book [on Canadian universities in 1987], 52% of undergrads were women, and now it's 65, and at some schools more than 70% are women. So it's a completely different experience for your son and daughter.

Frum: I find it extremely upsetting because I feel the atmosphere is going to be skewed against my daughter. Just by definition it cannot be as much fun to be at a place where it's 65% female. What we wanted for women was to be valued and equal, and now we are going to be overabundant and therefore devalued. I remember how hard people fought for women to be able to go anywhere, and now, once again, the boys have the advantage. They just have it in a new way.

Q: That's the reverse of what everybody's saying. "We're losing the boys. What have we done to the boys?"

Frum: That's true. But for those boys who have it together, the world's their oyster. And my daughter has it just as together as my son – she has a 90 average and she's a school leader, but so what? We see it in 65% of the other girls, whereas he is a standout. It kind of enrages me that women always end up with the short end of the stick.

Comment by Grant Brown:

These comments defy parody. I mean, people rightly make fun of Sara Palin, who says a lot of dumb things; but bizarre and sexist attitudes like the one on display here from Ms. Frum are at least as dangerous and as misguided. Even when prompted a second time, she cannot muster a single word of sympathy or give a simplethoughtfor the lost generation of boys. All that consumes her – "upsets" and "enrages" her - is the effect on her daughter. Her precious, eminently privileged, 90-averagedaughter - yes, she is the one to be really concerned for in this unfortunate scenario.

This is a Conservative Senator – not some radical, wild-eyed, feminist Liberal hack. I would say it is "unbelievable," except that it is sadlytypical of theillogical, politically correct, myopoic, and self-servingpeople who govern Canada – of all political stripes. It's a disgrace.